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Company Profile

Eco-Worx, Inc. provides analytical and technical support to determine the best solutions for energy and environmental sustainability. Eco-Worx, Inc. is a certified SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business),

MRO (Maintenance Repair & Operating), Value-Added Distributor with installation capabilities focusing in environmental friendly solutions.

Certifications and associations

As an emerging small business, Eco-Worx, Inc. has established mentor-protégé agreements with national MRO suppliers and reputable local contractors. Eco-Worx, Inc. has a team of consultants with the following industry certifications:

Other Certifications

Market Factors

There are several factors in today's environmentally sensitive marketplace that drive the need to address these concerns.

Energy Policy Act of 2005 EPACT

Sets minimum efficiency regulations for upgrade/retrofit of lighting equipment. Commercial businesses will be required to: